Reiki Classes & Reiki Sessions

Learning Reiki  

Learning Reiki is simple, sacred, and fun.  The ability to channel Reiki is transferred through a series of sacred attunements performed by a Reiki Master Teacher.  These attunements connect each healer to the Reiki Source and opens up each healer’s ability to act as a conduit for Divinely-guided healing energy.  Once you have been attuned to the energy, Reiki is always available to you.  You can tap into it at anytime.  It is always present and it is never depleted. 

The benefits of learning Reiki are many, including taking greater responsibility for your healing process and strengthening your spiritual growth.  Reiki trainings also promote increased intuitive awareness of subtle energy and the ability to connect with others through the art of gentle touch. 

Teaching Reiki is a joy for me.  Performing the sacred attunements is my path of loving service. 

Trainings are small and intimate by design.  In this way, each student receives ample individual attention.

Please click here for a calendar of upcoming classes & workshops. 

Reiki I – Beginning Level

This class serves as an introduction.  It assumes no prior experience or knowledge of Reiki healing.  We begin with the first teachings: the fundamentals of Reiki history and philosophy, the chakra system, techniques on centering, energy sensing, focus, concentration, self-treatment and hand positions.  Each student receives a full Reiki session, a class manual, the Reiki I attunement, and a certificate of completion.  After completing this level, you will be able to use Reiki to do full-body treatments on yourself and others with their permission.  Fee: $395

Reiki II – Intermediate Level

This class builds upon the fundamentals learned in Reiki I.  Students are introduced to the inner teachings of Reiki, including the first three Usui Reiki symbols and their mantras.  Each symbol deepens your understanding and experience of Reiki’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual karmic healing properties.  You will learn to send Reiki for distant healings across time and space to treat issues that are not physically tangible, such as relationships, past traumas, and other situations that cannot be physically present.  Other topics covered: meditation, aura cleansing, connecting to Reiki guides, Reiki ethics, and a healer’s responsibility (keeping boundaries safe, opening the heart, unconditional Love, nonjudgment).  Each student receives the Reiki II attunement, a full Reiki session, a class manual, and a certificate of completion.  Fee: $395

Advanced Reiki Training (A.R.T.)

This class is offered for those who want to deepen their Reiki practice and gain more tools for growth.  Advanced Reiki Training introduces practices such as: a moving meditation sequence, Reiki healing and psychic surgery, using crystals with Reiki healing, sending continuous Reiki using a Reiki grid, and preparation for the Reiki Master Level class.  Students receive the fourth Usui Reiki symbol and mantra. Fee: $295

Reiki III – Master/Teacher Level

This class is for practitioners who are called to walk the Reiki path as teachers and masters.  You enter the mystery teachings of Reiki, receive the Master Level attunement, two additional Tibetan Reiki symbols, and learn how to teach and attune others to the Reiki source.  This course requires a commitment to one year of Reiki practice, treatment, and apprenticeship.  It is a joyful commitment to share the mystery of Reiki with others and undergo deep personal healing on all levels.  Prerequisite is Advanced Reiki Training.  A Reiki Master certificate is given upon the conclusion of the yearlong apprenticeship.  Please contact me for more information on this class.  Fee: $1,975

Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions are a gift to your self.  Together we create a relaxing, sacred space that supports your health, balance, and well-being.  Whether you are seeking treatment for physical ailments, or emotional or spiritual imbalances, sessions are always guided by You and your needs in the present moment.

A full Reiki treatment lasts between 60mins up to 1.5 hours and consists of three elements: (1) a check-in period during which you and I discuss the physical, emotional, or spiritual issues at hand as well as your expectations for the session, followed by (2) the Reiki treatment itself, and finally, (3) a debriefing talk about the treatment afterwards. 

The Reiki treatment involves the laying on of hands on a clothed body.  A series of hand positions are methodically and intuitively done, lasting about an hour or more.  As in any bodywork modality, safe touch is maintained at all times.  My background in holistic counseling and psychotherapy greatly influences my Reiki work.  Your safety and comfort are considered of utmost importance and you are free to ask questions at any time.  For chronic or deep-seated conditions, I recommend a series of treatments.

Reiki session fees start at $200 for 60 mins and $300 for 90 mins. 

A discounted rate is available for students, seniors, and single parents.  Please click here to schedule a session. 

Sessions are conducted in my holistic healing offices in San Francisco or New York City.  I also offer online distant healing services for those with special needs, including illness or hospitalization. 

Reiki Community Clinic

Rhea offers low cost community clinics to make Reiki accessible to everyone. Check the news and events page for dates.

Shu Ku Reiki (ReikiShares)

Reiki Shares are offered as community gatherings to share and practice Reiki.  They are $35 and open to anyone who has completed Reiki Level 1 and above.  Come to be with community and share in a healing circle.  Click here for upcoming dates.  San Francisco location. 

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